Hazardous Removals

Enderby, BC

As trees grow and die, they can become hazardous to people and property. 
In many cases, removal is the only reasonable choice to significantly reduce risk of damage from large trees. 

We employ a variety of technical rigging and safe falling procedures to bring down dead or otherwise dangerous trees.  We also work with homeowners and contractors in private timber production, and interface-fire risk mitigation.

Interface Fire Fuel Management


Every year wildfires burn huge tracts of forest. Rural homes and communities are especially at risk to interface fires. Firesmart practices can reduce the threat from these fires.

With full tree removal, chipping, thinning, pruning, or brushing, we can help you implement Firesmart strategies on your property.

Rejuvenation & Maintenance

Crown Thinning

Pruning to encourage or maintain proper structure is beneficial for overall tree health. This is done by thinning the crown of dead, dying, diseased or dissecting branches, and by ensuring that a dominant leading branch is maintained. In some cases, crown thinning can reduce the risk of windfall.

Neglected or damaged trees can be rejuvenated through pruning to restore a healthier form. In larger trees, this may done over a few years, giving the tree time to respond to pruning without shock.

*For all pruning techniques, it is important for tree health to remove no more than 1/3 of the tree’s branches.

Crown Raises & Reductions

Crown Raise
Crown Reduction

Crown raises are used to increase field of view, or to increase clearance below for roofs, vehicles, service lines, etc.

Crown reductions are used to keep a tree to a manageable size, or to increase clearance from the side (for example, gutters or sides of buildings). 

Crow reductions differ from “topping” in that a dominant leading branch is maintained, ensuring proper growth form.  While topping trees is common, it ruins the tree’s structure and decreases resistance to decay, and creating unacceptable hazard overtime.  See more about topping under Links. 

Planting & Establishment

A combination of appropriate planting techniques and informed species selection are critical for healthy establishment of trees. The wrong tree in the wrong spot will either become stressed and decline, or quickly outgrow the site, requiring excessive maintenance or even removal.

​Contact us to help you choose and plant trees that best suit the conditions of your property. 

Fruit Tree Pruning

Prune in February or September for best results

Maintenance of fruit trees requires annual pruning and training.  This is best done in late winter before the sap starts flowing and flower buds bloom (February).  The other time of the year that is considered appropriate for fruit tree pruning is after the fruit is harvested (late Summer/Autumn). 

Contact us to get on our annual fruit pruning list.  

Storm Damage

Armstrong, BC

Tree failure from snow load and wind storms can cause extensive damage to your home and property. To prevent further damages, appropriate precautions involving stabilization and other technical rigging procedures will be required.